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Link Productions run accredited and Non-accredited courses in all aspects of filmmaking and drama.

Course Requirements
You may have no experience and just bags of enthusiasm and
an interest in film, you may have already done a film course and
want to explore more of the aspects in depth, or if you’re an actor
wanting to experience the other side of the camera then this
course is for you.


Working with the script writer
Previsualization/style – look and sound of the film
Casting and Working with actors
Working with the DoP/production design and other HoD and understanding their roles (could include some technical practical workshops in directors course)


Director’s role on set
On set etiquette
How to block on scenes
Understanding how to tell a story with on a(single camera shoot)


Working with Post-production department

Assistant Directing

Planning and budgeting
Writing filming schedules
Preparing for production
Call Sheets
Running the set
Health and safety on location