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Link Productions run accredited and Non-accredited courses in all aspects of filmmaking and drama.

Course Requirements
You may have no experience and just bags of enthusiasm and
an interest in film, you may have already done a film course and
want to explore more of the aspects in depth, or if you’re an actor
wanting to experience the other side of the camera then this
course is for you.

Course Description

The Post-Production module should cover all aspects of post-production from administration, on/off-line editing, sound editing and mixing and final delivery.

The course would be broken down into the following components:

Editing theory and introduction to Offline Editing.

Visual storytelling
Editing theory

Offline editing

Cutting rushes
Technical format requirements

Graphics and Visual Effects

Adobe After Effects
Blue/green screen compositing
Titles and graphics creation

Online Editing/Colour Grading

OnLine editing
Delivery of material
Project management

Sound Post-Production

Using sound editing tools (Pro-tools)
Sound post-production work
Putting together a quality soundtrack.
Attend a session by a Professional Sound Mixer