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Link Productions run accredited and Non-accredited courses in all aspects of filmmaking and drama.

Course Requirements
You may have no experience and just bags of enthusiasm and
an interest in film, you may have already done a film course and
want to explore more of the aspects in depth, or if you’re an actor
wanting to experience the other side of the camera then this
course is for you.


Overview of different Producers role

Development Producer

Selecting the script, securing rights, raising the development finance, supervisor role Carrying research

Line Producer



Raising finance, selecting Cast and crew with director
Locations and studio hire, shooting script, production schedule, Legal responsibilities including Health and Safety and Codes of practice


Understanding the day-to-day running of a films set. Production contract and release forms

Post-Production producer

Understanding how to organise
Post-production and marketing. Understanding distribution
Producing a series of short 5 -8 min films throughout the course. Student producers will undertake Producer and production manager roles and will also research and undertake other production roles such as Associate Producer.