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Link Productions run accredited and Non-accredited courses in all aspects of filmmaking and drama.

Course Requirements
You may have no experience and just bags of enthusiasm and
an interest in film, you may have already done a film course and
want to explore more of the aspects in depth, or if you’re an actor
wanting to experience the other side of the camera then this
course is for you.

Cinematography Course

Discover how to compose a frame to represent the details in a
screenplay, learn the implications of camera placement and
understand the importance of maintaining visual lines with both
a static and moving camera.
The grammar of film
Know your angles, know your shots 
Drawing the viewer in
Camera placement and why it is important
Maintaining the geography of the set
Crossing the line
Framing and Lenses 

Camera Courses

With practical get-hold-of-the-kit exercises you will explore the
functions of cameras and their relationship to light and focus,
and how the viewer reads what is being shown.

Depth of field – using focus to increase production values
What the f-stop! – how to control the light in the camera
Shutter Speed
What colour is light?
Static and Moving
Comparing functions across different cameras

Lighting Courses

Through a series of hands-on lighting exercises – this workshop
will introduce the building blocks of all lighting for film and TV.
Learn the art of using light and shade to create visually arresting
effects to enhance the look and feel of the scene.

Introduction to Film Lighting – examples of lighting from cinema
Elements of lighting - three point lighting; Key, Fill and Back lighting
Lighting for backgrounds and actors
Use of diffusers, filters and reflectors
Camera control and lighting – how do we see what we’ve lit?
Creating lighting effects



Our workshops modules cover camera, sound, editing, directing, cinematography, script writing, story boarding, film production and music production.

Filmmaking Workshops

Our intensive film making workshops are hands on and
designed to give an all-round filmmaking experience.
Working alongside experienced film professionals participants
learn the creative and technical skills of productive film making.

Drama Workshops

Improvisation, drawing on the truth of character and spontaneous
creativity are the key to these workshops. Through this process –
and there are no precise rules for how this happens– a script or
outline of the project develops. This process is profoundly
collaborative and delivers a real energy, verve and sense of
authenticity to material. It also centres performance and focuses
on developing and refining this craft. The workshops are run by
industry professional with many years experience in their field.